The Process



 Here are 5 steps to aid you in the process of restitution and reclamation of your heritage and birthrights..


Trace your lineage by:
-Speaking to family
-Search vital records
-Daws Indian Rolls
-U.S. Census

Know Your right

Learning the law, read :
-Blacks Law dictionary
-Trust Law
-Law of Nations
-Declaration on the rights of indigenous peoples


Proclaiming Nationality Steps:
-File affidavit of Nationality
at county level
-Notarize and File SF 181 under Indian Nation


Returning back to the land:
-Start family garden
-Build greenhouse
-Start crop rotations
after growing seasons

Indigenous unity 

Nation building:
-Reach out and connect to other Nations
-Start a Tribal Trust with said Nations
-Organize townships & self-sustainable

Upcomjng Projects


Traveling Live seminars will be coming soon to your state and country!

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