All seamoss gels are infused with Bladderack & Burdock Root.

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Autochthons of America mission is to reconnect the disenfranchised indigenous American back to their original state prior to colonization through the use of herbs, crystals and indigenous practices.

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Blue Spirulina Seamoss Gel - 16 oz
Chlorophyll Seamoss Gummies
Covid Vaccine Declination Affidavit
Purple & Gold Seamoss - U.S. Shipping Only
Green Seamoss Gel 16 oz - U.S. Shipping Only
Liver Health Blend
Elderberry Syrup - 4 oz U.S. Shipping Only
Elderberry Seamoss Gummies
Seamoss Gummies w/ Soursop
Kidney Health Blend
Throat Relief Blend
Soothing Stomach Blend
Cycle Health Blend
Elderberry Syrup - 8 oz U.S. Shipping Only


    Our Story

    Long thought to have been erased from history the original Americans are reclaiming their heritage and identity. 

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