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Raw Purple Seamoss - 1 lb
Corona Killer 8 oz - Hawaii + Intl Shipping
Seamoss Gel - 4 oz Hawaii + Intl. Shipping
Raw Irish Moss 1 oz Hawaii + Intl. Shipping
Blood Detox Blend (U.S. Shipping Only)
Sun Tribe Bracelet
Pineapple Seamoss Gel - 24 oz - U.S Shipping
Raw Irish Seamoss 1 lb U.S. Shipping
Infused Seamoss Gel - 24 oz U.S. Shipping
Organite Pyramid
COVspiracy: The Greatest Hoax of the 21st Century
HSV Detox Blend
Elderberry syrup -16 oz (U.S. only)
Autochthons of America Hoodie



Autochthons of America mission is to reconnect the disenfranchised indigenous American back to their original state prior to colonization through the use of herbs, crystals and indigenous practices.

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    Our Story

    Long thought to have been erased from history the original Americans are reclaiming their heritage and identity. 

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