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Blood Detox Blend (U.S. Shipping Only)
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This is a formula in powder form contains a potent blend of herbs and natural detoxifiers that draw out and absorb toxic metals, foreign pathogens and other impurities that may be found in your bloodstream. 

40 Vegan Pill Capsules

Take 1 capsule for one week then increase to two capsules after the first week until the end of your supply. Take with 8 oz of water daily.


Protocol is recommended for up to 90 days for best results.


Eating a clean diet is recommended, 100% plant-based however if this is not feasible, using the 80/20 rule is also advocated.


80% plant-based foods 20% animal based foods.


Should not be taken  in combination with over the counter medication or pharmaceutical drugs.


Most common side effects are slight drowsiness as the body purges despite protein and nanoparticles from your bloodstream. And an increase in bowel movements and urination. 


Safe for those ages 10 and up.



Autochthons of America mission is to reconnect the disenfranchised indigenous American back to their original state prior to colonization through the use of herbs, crystals and indigenous practices.


    Our Story

    Long thought to have been erased from history the original Americans are reclaiming their heritage and identity. 

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