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Ebony Feathers: Black Native Pride

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Embark on a vibrant journey through the pages of “Ebony Feathers: Black Native Pride,” a children’s picture book that radiates with the joy and pride of Black Native American cultures.


This beautifully illustrated book invites young readers to explore the rich tapestry of history, tradition, and community that shapes the identity of Black Native children.


Each page is a splash of color and life, depicting scenes of everyday beauty and grand celebrations that are integral to Black Native life. From the serene moments of a family gathering to the exuberant dances at a powwow, the book captures the essence of what it means to be proud of one’s heritage.


“Ebony Feathers” is more than just a story; it’s an experience that nurtures the seeds of self-love and respect for diversity. It’s a book that parents and educators can use as a tool to teach children about the importance of heritage, the value of cultural pride, and the beauty of being unique.

Perfect for bedtime stories or classroom reading, “Ebony Feathers” is a treasure trove of lessons about life, love, and the unbreakable bonds of community. It’s a celebration of Black Native pride that will resonate with children and adults alike, leaving a lasting impression of warmth, joy, and the enduring power of pride.


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Print length

81 pages



Publication date

May 17, 2024

Reading age

Baby - 18 years


6 x 0.2 x 9 inches

Our Story

Long thought to have been erased from history the original Americans are reclaiming their heritage and identity. 

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